As one of the pioneers of the Chicago craft beer industry, Ted Furman began his professional brewing career with the Sieben's River North Brewing Company in 1987 as Assistant Brewmaster, learning the craft under the wing of Brewmaster Al Busch and worked with Intern Brewer Teri Fahrendorf.   While at Sieben's Ted attended the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology Microbiology and Microscopy program in 1989.


In 1990, Ted started the Golden Prairie Brewing Company at Elston and Webster Streets in Chicago, producing the flagship brand Golden Prairie Ale Altbier.  His emphasis was on producing first of a kind hybrid products such as Golden Prairie Maple Stout, the first "Breakfast Stout" in 1993, Golden Prairie Buckwheat Ale, alternative to all of the wheat beers of the time, and the 1994 World Champion Golden Prairie Honey Ginger beer.  Ted has trained and mentored some of the most talented and successful brewers in the industry from breweries like 3 Floyds, Revolution, and Jester King. 

Returning to the Craft Beer industry in 2013 as Head Brewer for Lunar Brewing Company, started in 1996 by Jules Roels, (former employee of Golden Prairie) Ted added his experience and innovation to the classic recipes and created new formulas for an ever expanding consumer palate.  He also worked with the Quincy Street Distillery as Assistant Distiller, creating Golden Prairie Single Malt Straight Whiskey.  The first Single Malt Straight Whiskey produced in Illinois since prohibition.  Ted is currently part of the team at Argus Brewery creating award winning beers.


Brewed at Argus Brewery, Chicago, IL

Event Calendar

September 15th 2018

20th Anniversary Release Party Sheffield's Wine and Beer Garden

September 22nd 2018

Argtoberfest, Argus Brewery 11314 S. Front Ave. Chicago, IL

December, 7th  2018

4-6 PM Meet the Brewer

Golden Prairie Single Malt Straight Whiskey Release Party

Quincy Street Distillery

39 East Quincy St.

Riverside, IL


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